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The Weekend Roundup – April 5, 2024

by Doug and Michelle
The Weekend Roundup

RV Industry News

  • Excitement is building for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 9, 2024. RV Parks across the nation are seeing a huge boost in bookings as many travelers choose the comfort and convenience of RVs to catch a glimpse of the rare event.
  • The RV Industry Association reports a significant 18% increase in RV shipments, marking the fourth consecutive month of growth. The surge is attributed to the rising interest in RVing, with a notable number of Americans planning RV travel for the upcoming solar eclipse. 
  • It’s becoming more difficult to find available spots at first-come, first-served campgrounds across the country. The trend reflects the growing popularity of camping and the need for increased capacity at public campgrounds. 
  • The advent of electric vehicles is revolutionizing the camping experience, bringing quieter mornings at the campsite but increased need for infrastructure improvements to accommodate the EV’s. 

RV Camping Gear

  • Don’t miss your favorite shows while on the road. Check out Game Rant’s guide to the best TVs for RV use in 2024, offering TVs suited for a wide range of RVs from budget-friendly options to high-end models. 
  • Planning to set out for the backcountry while on the road? Check out Gear Junkie’s 2024 Camp Guide on must have gear, whether backpacking, car camping or using an adventure rig. 

RV Community

  • The very first Colorado Buc-ees has its grand opening! This article breaks down everything it has to offer, and whether the famous Texas chain lives up to the hype. It’s certainly a wonder to behold. 
  • The Los Angeles Chargers’ Jim Harbaugh says he’s been living in an RV since leaving Michigan state for the NFL. 
  • This podcaster has embraced RV living as a way to overcome personal challenges and find freedom. She shares her story of the transformative power of life on the road.

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