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The Weekend Roundup – December 9, 2022

by Doug and Michelle
The Weekend Roundup

RV Industry News

  • Looking for an epic all-terrain experience? Check out the new 2023 Earth Roamer SX.
  • This luxury camper is nicer than most apartments!
  • Have an electric vehicle? The new Colorado Teardrop Trailers will function as backup charging stations. Charge your EV and Teardrop trailer before you head out, and plug into your trailer to re-charge while on the road!
  • Do you like to go small? I mean, really small? Check out these crazy new micro campers of 2022.

RV Tips and Tricks

  • Headed into the wilderness? Learn how to make off-grid RV camping more comfortable.
  • Think van life isn’t for families? Think again.
  • Hiking in the northeast can be adventure. Check out this list of new outdoor products you might want to bring.
  • Storage, storage, storage… there’s never enough! RVLife offers under-bed storage ideas for less than $100!

RV Campgrounds

RV Community

  • New campers are not very interested in “camping.” A recent survey finds that younger, more urban campers are looking for hotel-like amenities.
  • RV Lifestyle asked their audience for the Big RV Difficulties they expected in 2023.
  • One traveler’s story exploring Oregon in a campervan.
  • Oh dear. Towing a vehicle? Try not to do this.

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