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5 Kid-Friendly Rainy Day Activities for RV Travel

by Doug and Michelle
Fifth wheel at a campsite on a rainy day

A cold, rainy day can be a real bummer when you’re traveling with the family in your RV. You arrive at your destination, you have a jam packed day full of adventure all planned out… and it’s raining!

Why can’t the weather man ever get the weather right? What are we paying him for anyway? (Sorry, weather man. We still love you.)

But take heart! All is not lost! We share our 5 favorite kid-friendly activities that are perfect for RV travel! You might even have so much fun you don’t want the sun to come out!

1. Read Stories Together

Stack of children's books
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Experts agree that the best way to promote literacy in children is to read stories aloud. What a great opportunity!

This is the perfect time to start a family tradition of sharing stories together. You can read aloud to the kids or let them read aloud to you. Be open to how your kids best enjoy story time, and what type of stories they like the most.

Our two boys love graphic novels, but our nine-year-old doesn’t like to sit still for story time. He pulls out a few Legos or blocks and keeps his hands busy as he listens. This became a challenge when we started reading graphic novels together – so we narrate the pictures for him!

It’s so much fun to creatively describe the scenes, and the boys love it. If we do a good job at exciting narration, he asks for a peek at the pictures! This has inspired our seven-year-old to want to narrate as well. What a great way to develop story telling skills!

2. Solve Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles
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Do you have some problem solvers in your family? Pack a few puzzle books!

Our boys were skeptical about these at first, but once we cracked them open, they were fighting over who got to use which book. You can find logic puzzle books for all ages, from preschool through adult.

Crossword puzzles and sudoku are great, too. Our seven-year-old loved learning sudoku and spent an entire weekend showing me every time he solved a square. When the sun came out, it was hard to put it down!

3. Make Art and Crafts

Arts and Crafts
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For the creators out there, pack a few supplies!

This is the perfect time to get the whole family engaged in an art project. You can find portable travel kits with an assortment of art supplies, or create your own art bin and give it a home in the RV.

Don’t love to draw? Try some other hands-on crafts. You can take up knitting or crocheting with just a little yarn and needles. Bring along some Play-Doh or modeling clay. Or have a paper airplane making contest, and see whose plane flies the best once the sun comes out!

4. Learn a New Boardgame

Board Games
Created by DALL-E 3

Everyone knows Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble – but these classic games can be long and unwieldy. They don’t make for great RV activities. Luckily there are so many other great games that do! And quite frankly they’re much more fun.

Check out your local hobby game store and be amazed at the variety of board games available for all ages. Ask the clerk to recommend games that are good for travel and don’t take up too much space.

What do your kids love? Trains? Princesses? Dinosaurs? Kittens? Whatever your family’s theme, there’s likely a board game to match it!

5. Go Retro

Classic NES Game System
Created by DALL-E 3

Are the kids just dying for some screen time? Go retro!

On our second RV trip ever, it rained the entire trip! Luckily we packed our NES Classic Edition, and introduced the kids to Super Mario Brothers and Zelda.

It turns out that classic Nintendo games are really hard! You only get 3 lives, maybe a few extra if you’re lucky, and then the game is over! And you have to start all over! Our kids just couldn’t handle it. Maybe yours have more persistence. If not, more Nintendo time for the adults.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

And finally – Learn the perfect spell to send the rain away! (If you have one, please share.)

What do you think about these RV activities for rainy days? What does your family love to do? Share in the comments below!

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